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  1. Patrick, you selected an amazing person with whom to start the podcasts!!! I love Jean Shine because she is always there for you and gives you the personal attention you deserve. She is Passionate, Driven, and Caring! She demands excellence and as a fellow “D” myself I know what that means.

    Thanks for taking the time for the Podcast Jean. We are sisters in our cancer and I agree with you… it gives you strength and helps you focus on what is most important in life. One cancer was enough for me… you had it 5 times! I salute you! But as you know God only gives us what we can handle….:)

    I have no doubt that you will have the legacy for which you strive! You DO CARE! Keep on driving but make sure you do take the time out to smell the roses!

  2. Jean Shine is a stellar example of the wisdom of love. She is a wonderful inspiration for all of us. Terrific podcast

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